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05 April 2013 @ 12:37 am
TOP 'N' levels student  
Have not posted anything for quite long.so sorry about it. Was looking at my center and saw this poster, so I decided to post this!

Champion student: Jonathan Chan
Results Eng:A2
E math:A1
A math:A1

And because his results were so fantastic, he qualified for 'O'levels Emath and POA ! Scoring A1 for E math and A2 for POA.

Jonathan Chan joined the center when he was in Secondary 1. I remembered he was a gentle, shy and quiet boy. Spoke no more than 10 words in his first year with us. As time passed, he became more jovial and cheerful, often sharing jokes and stories with everyone. Every single year, he was top in class. With such fantastic grades, there was no problem for him to clear his 'N' levels with flying colors. Indeed, he was top in school and in Singapore.jon scoresstudents